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IOA Tenant Protection Program Insured by Chubb Insurance

The standard Self-Storage lease states that the operator is not responsible for the tenants’ goods while in storage. Our program allows the facility, through a lease addendum, to assume limited liability for tenants’ contents at the price and limits it chooses.  The facility is not  insuring the tenants goods; it is simply offering a protection plan or warrantee, guaranteeing dry, safe, secure storage. Our policy, underwritten by Chubb Insurance covers all the protection plan risk, settling tenant protection plan claims with a zero deductible for both the facility and the tenant.

Our Chubb Contract Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) offers enhanced coverage insuring for wildfire, hurricane and tornado tenant protection plan losses. (Excluding storm surge & flood) Not all contract liability insurance policies are willing to spell out specific coverages for fire and weather-related losses, but our Chubb policy does.

Administering our program is simple, even for the largest operators. Facilities report protection plan exposure monthly ensuring it only pays for the exact amount of coverage needed to insure the risk. Premium is promptly invoiced monthly, quarterly, or annually, with accurate statements allocating the cost per location.

Due to the generous coverage of our Chubb Contract liability Insurance policy, the policy can insure the risk of almost any existing tenant protection program with no program changes necessary. Let us provide a quote for our enhanced coverages at a competitive premium.

IOA provides access to custom point-of-sale counter marketing material, enhancing the value of your brand. We provide comprehensive training and implementation strategies, working hard to assure the success of your tenant protection program. Our customers enjoy the industry’s highest margins with above average tenant participation rates.

Find out why the IOA Tenant Protection Program insured by Chubb Insurance is leading the industry.

Let's Talk

Schedule a call today to review our program in detail to determine if it's a good fit for your portfolio. With basic property information (#units/occ rate) we can prepare a proforma for your review.


With the most recent Insurance Statement reports, program loss runs and facility underwriting information, we can prepare a proposal with firm pricing within 3 business days.

Program Implementation

Once the decision is made to launch the program, we will assist in IT Set Up, work to help send out appropriate tenant notices, provide custom facility training based upon the chosen implementation strategy and access to custom counter marketing material enhancing your facilities brand. We are committed to a successful launch of your facilities tenant protection program.

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