IOA Tenant Protection Program

The industry leading tenant protection program at the highest profit margins

IOA offers the self-storage industry leading tenant protection program that allows facility owner/operators to earn high profit margins!  Let us provide a proposal with our ZERO deductible policy. We can also cover existing tenant protection programs with little to no changes to your current program.

Our exclusive IOA tenant protection program allows you to assume limited liability for tenants stored property at the price and limits chosen. This is NOT insurance; it is a protection plan through a lease addendum.  The insurance carrier insures the risk.

Claims handling is done by licensed adjusters that handle the tenants claims on your behalf.


IOA provides you with the start-up training and assists you to implement the program. You report the risk each month only paying for the amount of insurance you need to cover the exposure at your location.


It's simple to get started.

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Complete our Application and our specialists will provide you with a proposal.  IOA works with you to implement the program and offer the protection plan to customers


Your customers have a peace of mind - zero dollar deductible

All claims handling is promptly handled by licensed claim adjusters


Provide monthly reporting data to us. Earn the highest profit margins in the industry!